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Car fleet management

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Car fleet menadment (CFM) podrazumeva kompletan program upravljanja voznim parkom sa uključenim administrativnim uslugama, asistencijama u svim prilikama, kao i angažovanjem sopstvene radne snage za potrebe održavanja voznog parka.
MCS fleet is equipped with brand new passenger cars. We are specialized for short term and long term rents (several months), as well as for a renting a vehicle with a driver. Rent-a-car service can be used independently of other packages, but has...
Our assistance includes driving a car on every regular or early technical inspection of vehicles, registration, scheduling regular services, arranging man power to transport the vehicle to authorized service for servicing and eliminating any failure.
Thanks to the help that MSC gives on the road, we provide you with prompt and professional service in all circumstances. If a failure or damage is a problem, we come right on the spot and start right away with eliminating it if the problem is...
If there is a big problem with the car, we take it over from the crash site, help with the writing of a police record, engage ourselves to record every possible damage for the insurance company. With your accordance we choose a service for fixing...
MSC tire service offers you everything concerning acquisition and maintaining of tires. We take care of the acquisition of winter/summer tires, their repair, assembly, balancing and garaging.
MSC replacement vehicle service gives you a guarantee of mobility every time your vehicle is not functioning. In the case of immobility of your vehicle, MSC rent-a-car service provides you with replacement vehicle in shortest period of time.
MSC car wash and fueling service implies the selection of appropriate business partner with the best aspect of prizes to the service quality on adequate location. For your higher company management, we are here to drive your car to the car wash...
MSC administrative services package manages the vehicle fleet, includes reports on distance traveled, services that have been done, fuel costs and car wash for every vehicle, help and consulting when buying a car, as well as making a contract with...

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